Brigade Training

Fighting fires and all other operations performed by Tathra fire brigade require skill and knowledge about equipment, fire behaviour, safety, team work and much more. It is important that these skills and this knowledge is kept current.

The Brigade meets Tuesday at 1800 hrs to conduct regular training for members to keep their skills at operational level. Refer to the Calendar below for more information or talk to the  Training Officer .

Training Calendar 2023

Month Day Activity Aimed At Instructors
Jan 31st General Meeting All A. Taylor + A. Shane
Feb 2nd Crew Leader Supervision AF P. Standen
7th Containment Line / Fire Overrun BF C. Oakley + M. Robbards 
14th Equipment Check / Hose Work All Maint. Team
Sun 19th BF Assessment BF P. Chappell
21st Fire Trail Maintenance BF / AF A. Wiggins
28th Kianinny Cabins - Pumpimg and Size Up All L. Hartley
March 7th A Crew Emergency CAS L. Hartley
11th Crew Awareness & Safety Course CAS
14th Portable Pumping / Draughting All A. Wiggins + R. Gallimore
21st Introduction to CABA Equipment VF / CLV P. Dabros
25th Village (VF) Course VF
28th Structural Fire "Respond and Set–up" drill All L. Hartley
April 1st Village (VF) Course (continues) VF
4th Smoke House VF + CLV L. Hartley
May 2nd Knots and Ladder Work BF + VF M. Renwick + K. Radford
9th Orienteering / Mapping Exercise All L. Hartley
16th Equipment Check Maint Team
Sat 20th Annual General Meeting All A. Taylor + A. Shane
23rd Electrical Incidents P. Miller
Sat 27th AF Wildfire Course WFB
28th First Aid Application Recertification FAA
30th Equipment Check All G. Toyne
Jun 6th First Aid + Resuscitation + AED All A. Shane + M. Neenan
13th Radio Use All G. Sheehan
Sun 18th Bush Fire Fighter Practical BF P. Chappell
20th Crew Leader Scenarios (Sit Reps) / Radio CL
Sat 24th Intro Breathing Apparatus Operator BAO
Sun 25th BF Assessment BF P. Chappell
27th Comms / ITASC Scenarios AF + CL
Jul 18th General Meeting All A. Taylor + A. Shane
Thur 20th Crew Leader Wildfire Course CL
25th Weather / Fuel Loading / Fire Behaviour WFB G. Toyne / M. Renwick
Sat 29th First Aid Application FAA
Aug 1st Kestrel Meter / McArthur Meter / Electronic NAV M. Neenan / G. Hansen
8th Mapping / Route Planning NAV M. Neenan / G. Hansen
Sat 12th AF Navigation NAV
15th Foam + Fire Overrun  All M. Robbards + C. Oakley
22nd Ambulance Visit ????
Sat 27th First Aid Application Recertification FAA
29th First Aid + Resuscitation + AED All A. Shane
Sep 5th Car Fire + Grass Fire All
12th NSW F&R Joint Training L. Hartley
Oct 10th General Meeting All A. Taylor + A.  Shane
17th Visit to Bega Fire Control / BVOS All G. Sheehan
24th Closed Relay Pumping   All A. Wiggins + L. Hartley
31st Smoke House and Hydraulic Ventilation All G. Hansen / K. Radford
Nov 4th Hydraulics Course HYD
11th Off Road Driving Course ORD
14th Gas Attack A. Wiggins + L. Hartley
Dec 5th Equipment Check Main. Team