AIDER Program

Written by Lance Hartley.

Assistance for Infirm, Disabled and Elderly Residents on bush fire prone land

What is the AIDER Program?

The NSW Rural Fire Service AIDER Programme {Assist Infirm Disabled and Elderly Residents} was started in 2009 with additional funds from the NSW Government.

AIDER is designed to reduce bush fire hazards on people's property that is bush fire prone.

AIDER is a one-off free service, supporting vulnerable residents on bush fire prone land to live safely and confidently in their home.


Who is eligible?

The AIDER service can only be provided on "Bush Fire Prone Land". Bush Fire Prone Land is an area of land that can support a bush fire or is likely to be subject to bush fire attack. This area can extend 100 metres from bushland or 30 metres from grassland.

AIDER services can be provided to vulnerable people who have limited domestic support from family, relatives, friends or other services. This could include older people, people with disabling conditions and people who are already receiving community assistance and services.

What work can be done under AIDER?

AIDER crews conduct work around your home to reduce bush fire risk such as clearing gutters, thinning vegetation, removing leaf and tree debris, trimming branches from around and overhanging the home, mowing or slashing long grass.

Who does the work?

The NSW Rural Fire Service has its own skilled, fully equipped and fully insured work teams to do this work.

Bushfire safety

The AIDER Team will also discuss bush fire safety with clients and provide advice about completing your Bush Fire Survival Plan

Client rights and responsibilities

Clients of the RFS AIDER Program have the right to expect:

Contact details

For further information about the AIDER Program, or to apply for AIDER services, visit:

NSW RFS - AIDER -website