Tanker Foam System

Personnel Required

  • 2 - 3 crew Crew Leader

Equipment Required

  • Appliance
  • Foam concentrate
  • Personal protective clothing

Key Points

  • Clean "Y" strainer regularly - after each incident (or shift at major fire) if using dirty creek or dam water and weekly to monthly (depending on usage) when using reticulated water. A blocked "Y" strainer can cause failure of foam system or pump to overheat. To clean, undo hexagon cap and carefully remove mesh screen. Replace screen in cap & refit carefully. Do not over-tighten.

To supply foam

  • Check to ensure that foam is in container with cap open.
  • Start the pump and set the pressure at greater than 600kPa (700kPa is optimum).
  • Open branch to provide water flow through pump and proportioner.
  • Turn Foam On/Off (Tank Recirc.) valve On.
  • Turn foam metering valve (see below) to 6%. (Both valves need to be ‘vertical’ for 6%)

On standby (charged line)

  • Turn foam On/Off (Tank Recirc.) valve to On & set percentage selector to zero.
  • Do not close branch.
  • Discharge water to clear foam from pump if foam has been used.
  • Discharge small quantity regularly to cool pump.
  • Reset percentage selector to required percentage when foam required.

To shut-down foam

  • Set percentage selector to zero.
  • Discharge water as above (if on active fireground) or flush system (leaving fireground)
  • Close the cap on the foam drum when foam no longer required.

To flush foam system

  • Start the pump and set pressure at greater than 600 kPa.
  • Replace foam concentrate with hot water and purge lines with hot water.
  • Set foam percentage selector to zero & turn foam On/Off (Tank Recirc.) valve to On.
  • Discharge water through the hoses used until discharged water is free of foam. Discharge water through other valves.
  • Turn Foam On/Off (Tank Recirc.) valve Off & shut down the pump.
  • If foam entered water tank, flush tank until free of foam.