Hold a Pistol Grip Variable Flow Branch

Personnel Required

  • 1 - 2 crew

Equipment Required

  • Pistol grip variable fog branch
  • One charged length of 64mm or 38mm hose
  • Water supply
  • Appliance pump
  • Personal protective clothing

Note the following is a suggested method only

Prepare to hold

Branch Operator (Number 1) 

  • Grasp branch with preferred hand using the pistol grip bringing the hose under the same arm Set boss to fog pattern before opening bail.
  • Place the other hand on top of the boss to counteract any jet reaction.
  • See the video for another method of holding a variable branch


Brace for jet reaction

Branch Operator (Number 1)

  • Stand with foot braced forward, rear leg braced back
  • Knees slightly bent and body angled forward
  • Exert downward and forward pressure.




Posture during a defensive evolution

  • Adopt a comfortable position
  • Slightly lean into the water flow direction to retract from the jet reaction
  • If becoming fatigued call for assistance to replace / back up the branch operator



Branch Operator (65mm hose)

  • Stand with foot slightly braced forward, rear leg braced back
  • Ensure hose bight is looped and laid forward of branch operator. Allow minimum of 1 metre of hose
  • Hose line is continued in an upward bight passing through the inner thigh of the branch operator
  • The branch flow selector must not be further forward than can be manipulated to a full fog situation if required
  • Flow rates up to 750 litres a minute can be managed by a single operator