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Using the Radio

Personnel Required

  • 3 - 4 crew Crew Leader

Equipment Required

  • Fixed or portable radio

Formulate message

  • Identify who you intend to call, using their call sign
  • Use appropriate pro-words to keep messages clear and concise
  • Figures are expressed as separate individual numbers
  • Time is expressed using 24-hour time, using a four-figure number.

Calling procedure

  • Depress transmit button, and pause for three seconds
  • State intended receivers call sign followed by own call sign, then state colour code. If no reply is to be expected, finish message with the pro-word "clear", otherwise,
  • Release transmit switch
  • Await response
  • Upon response, transmit message using appropriate pro-words
  • If no response after a short time, repeat steps as above.

Transmitting a message

  • Speak across the microphone
  • State message using recommended voice technique
  • Spell long or difficult words using the phonetic alphabet
  • Observe 3 second pause after every 30 seconds in lengthy messages
  • Await reply.

Receiving a message

  • Respond to calling procedure
  • Receive message - use of pocket notebook / pen is invaluable for long / important messages
  • Acknowledge receipt of message
  • Reply if required.
  • Use of appropriate pro-word after all messages have been transmitted.

Selecting Channels

  • Channels are now divided into two groups. These are the Bega Valley PMR group and the State group. To change between channels within the two zones simply rotate the channel selector to the desired location.
  • If you are advised to select a channel outside of the Bega Valley PMR group simply press the ZONE button and this will place you within the State group of channels. Once in this group simply rotate channel selector to desired location.