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Using A Powder Extinguisher

Personnel Required

1 - 2 crew

Equipment required

  • Dry chemical powder extinguisher
  • Personal protective clothing

Key Points

  • Some firefighting agents are dangerous to use on the wrong class of fire.
  • Endeavour to approach the fire from upwind (avoid smoke hazard)

Obtain the correct extinguisher



  • Obtain a dry chemical powder extinguisher
  • Check full (and serviceable).
  • Remove safety pin
  • Squeeze handle to test the extinguisher
  • Determine the safest and best approach to the fire Take to the fire.




Extinguishing the fire

  • Squeeze handle and use a sweeping action to direct the DCP cloud across the fire
  • Continue sweeping action until fire is extinguished
  • Back away from extinguished fire.
  • Place extinguisher on its side to indicate that it is unserviceable.