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Ship Standpipe to Hydrant

Personnel Required

  • 4 - 8 crew Crew Leader

Equipment required

  • Standpipe
  • Hydrant bar
  • Hydrant.
  • Personal protective clothing

Key Points

  • Ensure that traffic control measures are in place and that work site is safe to enter, (lights, appliance, cones)

Demonstrate the correct and safe installation of a standpipe.

  • Ensure the collar is screwed 1 turn above the bottom.
  • Place the standpipe onto the hydrant making sure the mounting lugs on collar fit under the clamps of the hydrant.
  • Screw the spindle down at least three complete turns to ensure maximum water pressure.

Unship standpipe

  • Ensure water is turned off
  • Grasping tightening handles in both hands rotate anti-clockwise until standpipe rotates freely.
  • Remove standpipe when rotating collar lugs to disengage.
  • Check for leaks from hydrant valve - if leaking re-ship standpipe to losening trapped debris.
  • Stow standpipe and hydrant bar on appliance