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Hydrants and Hydrant Markers

Personnel Required

1 - 2 crew

Equipment required

  • 38 mm hose
  • 65 mm hose
  • Branch and hydrant
  • Personal protective clothing

Key Points

How to identify indicator plates for locating hydrants on potable and recycled water mains.

Primary Indicator Markers

  • Primary indicator plates are marked with two sets of numbers.
  • The top number gives the distance (in metres) from the plate to the hydrant and the bottom number gives the size (in millimetres) of the water main.


  • H → Hydrant for potable water
  • RH → Hydrant for recycled water
  • P → Pathway
  • R → Roadway
  • Black line on plate indicates hydrant is on opposite side of road.



Secondary indicator plates.

  • Secondary indicator plates should face each direction of approach from which the primary plates cannot be seen.
  • Static Water Supply indicator plate fixed in a location to be highly visible from the road and may include swimming pools, tanks, dams, ponds or creeks.