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Fire Over-Run

Personnel Required

  • 3 - 4 crew Crew Leader

Equipment required

  • Appliance blanket per crew member
  • Personal protective clothing + flash hood


  • SITUATON: The Brigade has responded to a scrub fire that has been reported at (x location). During the suppression operation the appliance and the crew members are caught in a burn over situation.
  • MISSION: Ready the crew and appliance for fire over-run.
  • EXECUTION: Remove flammable fuels - downwind of appliance; turn on emergency lights (if not already on).
  • ADMINISTRATION & LOGISTICS: All responding crew to be familiar with the operation of the cab and wheel sprays.
  • COMMAND & COMMUNICATION: All communications to be completed prior to donning balaclavas.
  • SAFETY: Reinforce that the appliance is a Safe Haven during a Burn Over. Ensure all crew appropriately dressed