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Draughting Water

Personnel Required

  • 1 - 2 crew

Equipment Required

  • Suction lengths from appliance
  • Strainer
  • Personal protection clothing

Lay out equipment

  • Assemble suction hose
  • Tighten couplings using storz spanners.
  • Repeat procedure at each coupling – if applicable
  • N.B Moisten sealing washers with water to assist sealing.
  • Couple metal strainer.
  • Place in water

Connect suction hose to appliance

  • Pump operator ensures blank cap removed from inlet.
  • Supports suction hose with one hand
  • Checks washer
  • Firefighters, working as a team align storz coupling
  • Pump operator, using storz spanners, rotates coupling until coupling is firm

Prime pump

  • Close tank to pump valve (valve 1)
  • Close all delivery valve.
  • Open suction inlet valve.(valve 2)
  • Start the pump engine
  • Operate priming pump until compound gauge shows a "decrease" at the pump inlet side.
  • If filling tank, open valve 3 or if supplying water, open delivery valves. Caution: Do not engage prime for more than 20 seconds