Bushfire Safety

adapted from the RFS website

If a fire starts and you notice it is not under control, ring 000 (Triple Zero). For further details about reporting fires, go to the If a fire starts section.

FireWise communities experience fewer fires and fewer fire-related deaths, injuries and property losses. For those people living in bush fire prone areas, it is imperative to understand the risks of bush fire, make preparations accordingly, and be Bush FireWise. Deciding to Stay and Defend, or Leave Early is a critical decision as most people who die in bush fires die as a result of unplanned last-minute relocation or evacuations.

To help rural landholders prepare for and prevent bush fires, the RFS has developed the Farm FireWise program. Most homes are lost or damaged from fires that start inside the house and many common causes of fires can be avoided. To find out more, see our Home Fire Safety section.

Rural Fire Service brigades and volunteers participate in events on a regular basis to promote fire safety to the wider community.