Trim & Cross Cut (TFT)

  • Trim and cross cut Felled Trees (TFT)
  • Tree Falling Intermediate (TFI)
  • Tree Falling Fireline (TFF)

These courses are designed to take a member with existing Bush Firefighter (BF) knowledge and skills and enable them to carry out the activities, up to the level at which they become qualified.

Target Group

These programs are targeted at members with existing Bush Firefighter (BF) certification, and an aptitude for, and interest in, activities involving chain saws. The intention is that a few TFT′s will exist in most brigades, but only a few TFI′s and one or more TFF′s will exist in each zone/team/district. The latter may form a specialist tree falling team for the Zone, Team or District where relevant.

RFS Entry Requirements for TFT

  • Before commencing training or assessment in these programs, a member must:
  • Be able to understand, speak, read and write the English language sufficiently well to communicate effectively with other members in a team with others, understand chain saw operating instructions and operate a chain saw safely.
  • Not have any disability, illness or injury that would prevent the safe and effective operation of a chain saw
  • Be certified as competent in Bush Firefighter (BF) or its equivalent.

Competencies aligned with TFT

The following unit of competency is aligned with this program FPICOT2221B - Trim and cross cut felled trees.


In the RFS, Bush Firefighter (BF) is specified as an entry requirement for these programs as chain saw operations may be conducted in close proximity to bush fires.

Delivery Details

This program is delivered at the local level. Please contact your Training Officer or your Learning and Development Officer for further information.