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Results for the Emergency Services Blood Challenge 2014

Envelope please…….
Highest number of donations goes to …

NSW Police Force

The Highest percentage of Donations per capita goes to….

Fire and Rescue NSW

NSW Rural Fire Service made a whopping 246 donations, saving 738 lives.

Together an overwhelming 1045 total donations, saving 3135 lives!

Highest Number of Donations

  1. NSW Police Force - 392 donations
  2. NSW Rural Fire Service - 246 donations
  3. Fire and Rescue NSW - 167 donations
  4. NSW State Emergency Service (SES) - 152 donations
  5. Ambulance Service of NSW - 88 donations

Highest Percentage of Donations

  1. Fire and Rescue NSW
  2. Ambulance Service of NSW
  3. NSW State Emergency Service (SES)
  4. NSW Police Force
  5. NSW Rural Fire Service

Overall, dedicated Emergency Services personnel like you donated 3576 times, saving up to 10,728 Australians in need